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Design For Mirabel In Australian House and Garden

You may notice that we haven't posted in a little while and it's because we've been happily busy organising Design for Mirabel. 
We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Australian House and Garden for their incredible support with Design For Mirabel. In their March issue they ran an intimate and illuminating interview on Jane Rowe, CEO of the Mirabel Foundation. I could tell you more about her work with the Mirabel Foundation and our upcoming event but they've done such a brilliant job that it's well worth the read, you can find it here.

Not only that but in their July issue they interviewed three of our designers for the upcoming event. Meryl Hare of HARE+KLEIN, Adelaide Bragg or ADELAIDE BRAGG & ASSOCIATES and Anna Spiro of BLACK & SPIRO talk about their style, approach to design and connection to Design for Mirabel. It's getting us so excited to see their work!

They also ran a full page advertistment for Design For Mirabel, they are so good to us!


We were also pleased to see Mary McDonald gracing the pages of the July issue. Mary is one of our featured designers speaking at the Mercer School of Interior Design International Lecture Series. Her Melbourne event has already sold out and just a few spaces are left for her Sydney event, needless to say we're brimming with excitement at the office.

Jane Rowe - Mirabel

We are so honored to be sharing this beautiful article from the May issue of Australian House & Garden.

The story is about the inspiring and lovely Jane Rowe - CEO & Founder of The Mirabel Foundation. Jane is not only a good friend of ours, but an incredibly giving and kind person who started the Mirabel Foundation in 1998 - an organisation addressing the needs of children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental drug use.

We are also very excited to announce that we have been working with Jane and her team on a new and very special benefit event!

Design for Mirabel will showcase ten of Australia’s finest interior designers, and each designer will design and completely decorate and style a room. This ticketed red carpet cocktail event will be held on July 24th, and following this, the space will be turned into a retail event like no other, where the public can view rooms.

This will be a shopping extravaganza for all! Every piece in the designers vignettes will be for sale at 50-70% off the retail price! It’s such a fantastic opportunity to not only find that perfect piece you have been looking for, but to know that your contribution will go to Mirabel.


We are so privileged to be apart of such an incredible cause, and to raise awareness for the Mirabel Foundation. All of the proceeds raised from the inaugural Design for Mirabel event will be put towards building a new Mirabel Home.


Peyton Sofa for Arthur G featured in Real Living!

We are absolutely thrilled to see our signature Peyton Sofa for Arthur G featured in this months issue of Real Living! It is always such a pleasure to see American style decorating being embraced - layers of vintage finds and fresh fabrics are what we adore!

Thank-you so much Real Living, and an extended thank-you to Kellie Murray for selecting the Peyton for your 'dream room' story


Guideboat Co.

With the summer holidays behind us I want to share a gem I came across on one of those lazy days. 

The Guideboat company is the creation of Restoration Hardware founder Stephen Gordon, and co-founder of YouTube Chad Hurley. Their mission is to build exceptional renditions of American vintage boats.


Elegance of line and born of requirement, built for 19th century Adirondack guide and gentry alike, defined by more than 100 years of speed, stealth and stability, an American classic returns.


First crafted circa 1870s for lobstermen and later a staple of the US Lighthouse Keepers Service, now a Maine coast favorite, joyous to row, fast and stable, amply sized for you as well as a few.


Originating in Long Beach, CA in 1946, the trim pram Sabot was referred to as a “budget sized yacht”…small, wicked-fast and maneuverable under sail, equally adept rowed or motored.

True to Gordon's aesthetics he has not only revived some classic American boat designs; he also offers goods that are acquired from their original sources.

Australia is represented by the one and only Blundstone's Original 500 boot.

Even if paddling on the water isn't your thing, check out the beautiful oars as a decorative piece.

PS - If you're into web design, it's worth having a look just for the great minimalist Magento site.