Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Wallpaper

As a designer, I think that wallpaper works just about everywhere. But for those of you who are a bit reluctant, here are a few tips and tricks to help persuade you to take the plunge!

  1. Take the time to choose a pattern that feels right for you, rather than what's trending.
  2. Try using it in less prominent rooms such as hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms if you're worried about growing tired of it.
  3. Use wallpaper on all walls of a small room; wallpaper can make a small space feel larger.
  4. Go for a pattern-on-pattern look; a 'jewel box' effect can be created by using the same design on the window dressings and wallpaper.
  5. Don't be afraid to hang art on your wallpaper; it provides a background for a more layered look.

  6. A high-quality wallpaper is more hardwearing than paint.
  7. Other perfect places for wallpaper are in china cupboards, backs of bookcases, and closets.
  8. The use of woven papers is fantastic in larger areas where you want to add colour and texture.

  9. Make sure the installer hangs the wallpaper in the right direction. I know this sound crazy, but it happens all the time!
  10. These days, most high-quality wallpapers are easily removed for when you want to switch up the look with yet another pattern!

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