Top Ten Lighting Tips

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home design. Let's face it everything—and everyone—looks good with the right lighting! Here are a few tips to help you create a bit of ambience at home:



  1. Overhead lighting can be harsh and unflatteringreserve it for 'task areas' such as the kitchen and laundry.
  2. Lamps not only look beautiful but they create warm, flattering lighting. Place them on side tables in sitting rooms, bedside tables, and hall tables. Keep your eyes out for vintage and antique lamps.
  3. Have your lamps linked to a wall switch. It's handy to turn all the lights on at the same time with the flip of a switch!
  4. Be sure to have all overhead lighting fitted with a dimmer switch. This way, you can easily set the mood.
  5. Wall sconces are an excellent way to cast a warm glow and add a touch of glamour. Use them on bookcases, over bedside tables, in hallways, and in powder rooms.
  6. Picture lights placed above artwork are a great way to feature your artwork and create soft lighting at the same time.
  7. Consider the lampshades as much as the lamp. There are so many options for beautiful lampshades available in all shapes, sizes and materials. From marbleized paper and scalloped edge raffia to gathered printed silk. Be sure that your shade is in proportion to your lamp; if you're unsure, go bigger rather than smaller.
  8. Whenever possible, install concealed floor plugs for your table lamps for a clean cord look.
  9. Use the right light bulbs. Always choose warm rather than cool bulbs, and make sure that all of the light bulbs in a room are from the same supplier. (One supplier's "warm white" can differ significantly from another). Also, you don't need to use high-wattage bulbs if you have multiple light sources in one room.
  10. When entertaining, use candlelight as much as possible.

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