Amazing time for amazing design!

Tonight we are very lucky to be invited to celebrate the publication of Thomas Hamels’ first book, Thomas Hamel Residence. I very much respect Thomas and his work and this book is one I have been eagerly awaiting. In fact, over the coming months we are going to spoilt with some of America’s greatest interior designers releasing their own books.  It is such an amazing time for so many designers, congratulations to Thomas and each of the below designers on their success. I cannot wait to look over your beautiful creations.

My must have design book list:

Thomas Hamel Residence…..tick!

AT HOME: A Style for Today with Things from the Past,by Suzanne Rheinstein.

 The book features six distinctive homes that express Suzanne’s relaxed yet elegant style, including her own homes in Los Angeles and New York. If you have ever had the pleasure of dropping into Hollyhock, Suzanne’s magnificent antique filled store you will know what a treat you are in for (and if you haven’t, you must).

The world of Madeline Castaing, by Emily Evans Eerdmans Emily has not only one book, not two, but three and a legendary shop on rue Jacob in Paris……where does she find the time! Her previous books include Classic English Design and Antiques and Regency Redux.

Emily offers something unique, she is renowned for French blend of neoclassicism, Proustian romanticism, and pure wit.

Interior Portraits, by Victoria Hagan One of today's most influential designers, Victoria Hagan exploded onto the scene in 1988 when New York magazine devoted the cover of its design issue to one of her rooms. Since then she has become renowned for her intelligent integration of architectural and interior design. Absolutely adore her fresh very clean look.

more to come........