On my friend’s Julius & David recommendation we meet at Ilili’s. I  would have to say that it’s the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever had!   Fabulous drinks too. One of the highlights of my trip  was the book launch of Susanna Salk’s new book Room for Children at  Bergdorf Goodman’s. I am thrilled to have one of my designs  featured along with such  talents as Charlotte Moss, Celerie Kemble,  Amanda Nisbet, Alessandra  Branca and so many more.

Diane Bergeron Interiors in Room for Children

Diane Bergeron Interiors in Room for Children

Launch party for "Room for Children" by Susanna Salk (New York, Spring 2010)

Decorating for a young client.

Interviews with Susanna Salk, Diane Bergeron, Philip Gorrivan, Alex Papachristidis, Pieter Estersohn, Celerie Kemble, Christiane Lemieux, Cortney Novogratz, Susan Bednar Long and Jason Jobson.

Childrens room design.

Interviews with Susanna Salk, Philip Gorrivan, Christiane Lemieux, Nicholas Manville, Alex Papachristidis, Harry Heissmann, Susan Bednar Long and Pieter Estersohn.

Your room as a child.

Interviews with Susanna Salk, Philip Gorrivan, Celerie Kemble, Harry Heissmann, Cortney Novogratz, Jason Jobson, Pieter Estersohn and Alex Papachristidis.

It was great that  Michele Adams and my long time friend David Hoey were with me on this  special night. David is the mastermind of Bergdorf ‘s amazing windows.