Displays of Collection

The  art of personalizing ones environment is an unending and enjoyable  effort. Most of us collect personally significant items, from artwork  and books, to little treasures such as pill boxes and charms or visually  appealing themed images. This example below of the magazine covers is a  wonderfully simple and gracefully effective idea!

Lively  displays of beautiful and quirky collections without doubt add to the  personality of your personal space. We would love you to share with us  some of your creative arrangements!

A  friend of mine who lived in France for one year discovered the delight  of collecting each plaque de muselet (a champagne cork plate muzzle)  from celebratory times, these were later framed in a simple and slim  glass box frame and hung in the kitchen. To collect these plaques is to  be a ‘placomusophilie!’. Trivia aside, such an example is a darling  conversation piece adding both both sentimental personality and visually  pleasing aesthetics to a personal space.

The  presentation of treasured books is a beautiful and warm gesture,  revealing our many interests, passions and inspirations. Beyond personal  importance to us, collections are symbolic of our appreciations. This  weekend we reorganized some of our books and found it a delightful  exercise. We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the visible  books you keep, what is on top, why?

A  simple reordering of some books on display can change the mood and  inspiration of a space. For the artful placement of treasured books is a  lovely gesture of personality and a surprisingly inspiring habit!

Below is an example of a project of mine, an opulent and welcoming space for beautiful minds and books!

Photo’s courtesy of Viceroy Hotel, Barnes and Noble and Inside Out Magazine.