Apparently you can tell a lot about a woman by the handbag she carries and even more so by it's contents. It's like a window it to her daily life.......

Nathalie Lecroc has been painting handbag portraits at her kitchen table in her rose- scented apartment on the rue St Denis in Paris since 1998.

Picture via

Crust Station Blog

She gives specific instructions to take nothing out or add anything to your everyday bag before she paints. She is said to be working on a book - cant wait to see it!

My daughter Annis, who insisted on changing the color of my diary and tape measure to match my lipstick, did this montage of my handbag for me.

1. Tote -

2. Favourite pen

3. Wallet -

4. Perfume (Un Jardin après la Mousson) -

5. Reading glasses -

6. Compact -

7. Diary -

8. Sunglasses-

9. Altoids -

10. iPhone

11. Tape-measure

12. House keys

13. Chanel lipstick (14 Passion)

What is in your handbag?