When you think of a dorm room or ‘student digs' as we call them here in Australia they are usually very unlikely to be fashionable or desirable, in fact they are generally the very opposite! That is why when we saw these pictures of Maximilian Sinsteden's student accommodation in New York magazine, our jaws literally fell through the floor! Drool over these pictures below and note all the touches he has added to give his room its very preppy and beautifully ‘undecorated' look. Note the touches of Ralph Lauren and Ikea, along with family rugs, and the designer curtains and paisley pillows all from Charlotte Moss. (his boss ....) We love the green wall and the collection of pictures perfectly assembled.  Studying in this environment deserves a high distinction for pulling it all together! Top of the class for you Maximilian.

Oh, and what about that chest of drawers? $80  from an opp. shop and note the beautiful way in which he folds all his ‘smalls'........

All photographs by Dean Kaufman