NYC Dreaming

Here at the DB Files, we consider the quintessential mark of sophistication to be painted with timelessness. To put it simply, heritage chic. As we nestle into the new year, whether in the chill of New York City or outside in the sunshine of Australian coastline, our comforts are simple and trusted. Here in Manhattan, brisk walks are planned to Sant Ambroeus coffee,  on 78th and Madison (also located in the West Village and South Hampton).

Simple pleasures of tea in bed and the smell of cinnamon warm the hearts of us here in New York, akin to our reclining friends cooling themselves with toes dipped poolside on the other side of the world. Besides the excitement of rediscovering warm apple cider and baked treats from Momofuku Milkbar,  (also in Sydney and Toronto), we are most excited to reflect on our favorite lounge reads.

The warmth of the Australian summer, and the chill of the New York winter, turn our attention to a timeless favorite by Slim Aarons titled ‘Once Upon a Time’ who was a legendary photographer from New Hampshire, nicknamed for his frame and remembered for his timeless photographic contributions and darling nature. His books are a most elegant collection of enigmatic photos, full with all of the lush glamour and distinct American taste of an Auntie Mame party.

‘Once Upon a Time’ whirls about the private vacation lives and abode interiors of whimsical characters from Truman Capote’s ‘swans’ to legendary film stars in an era of creative and infinite comfort and chic. His other titles are more than worthwhile perusing, whether you be cooling down or warming up, from South Hampton to Sydney, timeless coffee table books are delightfully inspiring.

Photo’s courtesy of Sant Ambroeus and Barnes and Noble.