NYC Trip

I am here in New York at last and I am loving it!  It has been too long since I walked these streets, and there is SO much to see and do.  Plus, I have family and friends to catch up with, and new friends and exciting new designers to meet!

Today I went up to the Lulu DK showroom -  I am absolutely ecstatic to finally announce that I will be exclusively carrying the line in Australia.  While at the showroom I was able to see (and touch!) all the delicious fabrics and wall papers – My new favorites are RIVER, CLARK, MARLON and of course RITA – (in really yummy color waves –I’m sure they’ll be a big hit!) I keep imagining all the different ways I want to use them in addition to all the other offerings LuLu has for us. I also want to send a special thanks to all the amazing women working up at the Lulu showroom!  From the first time I spoke to Lisa, my every dealing with them has been fantastic!  Each and every person I’ve dealt with has been terrific and friendly and helpful (.  My hope is that I can somehow find people as enthusiastic and infectious as these fine ladies to work in my Melbourne showroom!

New York has been so busy, I do have to run – but the trip is going so well, I have so much to report – I’ve been talking to the best and nicest people (it’s great when you not only love the work, but also really like the person too, isn’t it?) about bringing their fabulous work to Australia. I’ll let you in on all the latest exciting news next time!