Sixx Design

On my recent trip to NYC for the launch of Susanna Salk's Room for Children I was lucky enough to meet Cortney and Robert Novogratz from Sixx  Design. As parents of 7 children, yes 7, they are such an inspirational  team and do an amazing job at converting 'wrecks' into fabulous, stylish  homes. Their design aesthetic mixes old and new (which they do  flawlessly), and combines interesting finds from overseas as well as an  impressive collection of artwork from young artists. If you  haven't heard of them (where have you been?!), have a look at some of my  favourite images below, or jump on their website at

Images courtesy of Sixx Design

You can also catch this amazing duo on Bravo TV's 9 by Design.  The series follows Cortney and Robert's life over a 6 month period,  during which they worked on 6 huge design projects including the  Bungalow Hotel, a 10,000 square foot glass house on Manhattan's West  Side Highway and the conversion of a gun shop located on the edge of  Soho into a stunning home. Although it hasn't been released in Australia  yet, I have been able to watch the series and absolutely love it!

As if all that wasn't enough, their new book Downtown Chic is also available and contains most of their projects up to now. I just  received my copy and can't wait to start flipping through!