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We were recently talking to our friends at SIXX DESIGN and were excited to hear all about their fabulous new book DOWNTOWN CHIC Designing your Dream Home: From Wreck to Ravishing. (released on May 5th and available through Amazon)

Cortney and Robert Novogratz are the authors of this beautiful book. It is full of amazing stories and advice and has an assortment of brilliant before and after photos! You will be amazed and inspired by what this young, hip couple can achieve and all while bringing up six(x)+1!!! children under 9! They have developed and designed many properties in Manhattan, all with understated and flawless  taste and always with a touch of luxury.  Their design philosophy sees them involved in all aspects of their project, no matter how big or small. Cortney and Robert, you really are the masters of turning "funky into fabulous''! (oh yes and a totally handsome couple too....)


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