Thanksgiving In The Spring!

One of the things I miss since leaving America is Thanksgiving.

It was a new tradition to my French Canadian parents when they moved to Massachusetts in the 60's from Quebec. It's not a holiday you can avoid if you live in close proximity to Plymouth! It soon became my favourite holiday. I love the masses of relatives and friends gathered for traditional turkey dinner, complete with pumpkin pie, the Macy's day parade and a four-day weekend.

It all works so well in the autumn with the leaves turning vibrant orange and golds and a chill in the air.

Since living in Australia, we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet.

There is something about it being springtime. The weather and colours are not quite right... And of course it's always on a Thursday.

So maybe the new tradition for us will be a turkey dinner with a springtime table setting shared with Australian friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving.