The Sartorialist in Melbourne


The Sartorialist

The city of Melbourne has long been associated with what is affectionately known as the "rag trade". From fashion labels you hear about everyday like Sportsgirl, Saba, Metalicus, and Review Melbourne has always been the number one fashion destination for savvy shoppers and retailers alike. The next few days sees  Australian Fashion Week in Sydney showcasing a host of designers and international guests and placing Australia in the world's  fashion spotlight.

We were especially excited to hear that one of our favourite bloggers is in town (yes, Melbourne....) for AFW and has hit our streets.  ‘The Sartorialist' himself is here and roaming the streets of Melbourne looking for the super stylish so watch out! For those of you unfamiliar with the man behind the name, Scott Schuman has taken it upon himself to chart fashion by photos through his now infamous blog ‘The Sartorialist'. For the last four years, Scott  been recording these amazing photos on his blog and has now a daily following of 120,000 readers. His views and opinions on fashion are now keenly sought after and his readership continues to grow. So, welcome to Melbourne ‘The Sartorialst'  and if you have time pop over to our neck of the woods where we have plenty of fashionable fodder!