Yes Chef

Things have been crazy town banana pants here at DBI.

So many new and exciting projects that I can't wait to share with you all!

But seriously, with such a nutty schedule I find it hard to get into the cooking mode every evening after an intense work day.

I had this discussion with a client (now friend) of mine  who was feeling the same stress of serving up a healthy family meal on cue. So we set out to find a chef who could come in once a week and cook up a storm... Lasting all week with a few additions on our part.

After many interviews & searching for the perfect fit... In comes Alisa! 
Alisa is Australian/American, raised in California, classically French trained and has worked for the likes of Mario Batali  in New York.

This combo equals delicious food that is also healthy!

Her tag line is: Custom fit cooking for busy families, and she loves to cook for dinner parties too.

Contact Alisa for more info:

Alisa's number one fan.

Alisa's A1 Chicken Tacos

(Sample items on our weekly menu)