Yves Saint Laurent

The fabulous man that once said, "Fashion fades. Style is eternal" is of course Yves Saint Laurent. I am sure you will agree the late Yves Saint Laurent was a brilliant, talented and extremely influential designer. Friday just gone my husband and I went to see ‘Celebration’ to learn more about Saint Laurent. We knew he had sadly suffered from addictions and depression but we did not know of the extent the film reveals. Banned in France, director Olivier Meyrou goes behind the glamorous scenes of Saint Laurent's world, to reveal a fragile, mysterious and tortured artist.

Despite the sadness in his life, Saint Laurent still managed to create some of the most iconic clothing of all times. We have him to thank for the safari look, the tuxedo for women, and some of the most beautiful dresses ever created.

Yves Saint Laurent with two fashion models who went on to become muses, Betty Calroux (left) and Loulou de la Falaise, outside his 'Rive Gauche' shop in 1969 wearing the famous safari look.

He was the king of cutting-edge couture who, by rewriting the rules of fashion, changed forever the way women dress.